The Boomerang(erang)

A Midnight Myth Tradition

Faithful listeners of the Midnight Myth will recall that back in the early episodes of the podcast, Derek tried to introduce a 'curveball' to the conversation, but ended up saying something along the lines of here's a 'boomerang for you.' That slip of the tongue become a staple of every Midnight Myth episode--Derek and Laurel bring in a new perspective, surprise question, or conversational pivot to change the course of the episode, and somehow, it always comes back around, full-circle. That's the Midnight Myth Boomerang.

So What's the Boomerangerang?

In the spirit, of fun, surprise, and shifting perspectives, the Midnight Myth started recording a new type of episode in the summer of 2017 called The Boomerangerang. These episodes typically focus on a storytelling genre, universe, or franchise, and pit Derek and Laurel against each other as they defend beloved characters in uncommon scenarios. You'll hear debates like, "Who would be a better travel agent: Darth Vader or Luke Skywalker?" or any number of unexpected combinations. But while they may sound like all fun and games, these episodes often get down to the very core of who the characters are, why their stories have value, and why we make this podcast.

Listen, enjoy, and follow us on Twitter to vote along with the Boomerangerang!