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The Wheel of Ka: A podcast about The Dark Tower

Welcome to the Wheel of Ka, the Dark Tower podcast mini-series from the Midnight Myth.

Hosts Derek Jones and Steve Gudelunas explore Stephen King’s seven (or eight) book series The Dark Tower. What is it about King’s dystopian-spaghetti-western-multi-verse-fantasy epic that captures the imagination of so many dedicated fans— say thank ya! say true!? We’ll go book by book, discussing the narrative virtues and language styles of each verse in the epic. From the meta-textual to the metaphysical, we’ll examine each book in the series as a unique piece of fiction and as another artifact of the perplexing, winding adventure of Roland Deschain of Gilead and his Ka-Tet’s quest for the Tower. A new installment each month—watch the Midnight Myth Podcast feed for new episodes: Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or your favorite listening app.

The Books

We invite and encourage our listeners to read along with us on the path of the beam, if it please ya.

Book images are affiliate links, meaning if you buy the book through our link, the podcast will get a small percentage. Don’t have the time to sit down and read? Try Audible and get two free audiobooks.

Episode 1: The Gunslinger

“The man in black fled across the desert. The Gunslinger followed…” Episode One of the Wheel of Ka is now available in the Midnight Myth feed on your favorite podcast app, and here.


Episode 2: The Drawing of the Three

Derek and Steve breakdown the obstacles in the path of our unlikely three heroes and how each obstacle reflects the dual nature within their souls. Can their souls be mended so that each of the three can form a questing group worthy of gaining the nexus of reality known as the Tower? And what of Mort, the Pusher, and death?  Listen to this month’s episode, and say true. Available now in the Midnight Myth feed of your podcatcher of choice, and here.

Episode 3: The Waste Lands, pt. 1

Book One: Jake, Fear In a Handful of Dust. Tune your satellite dishes, rotating atop your heads, to awesome, as Derek and Steve look at Jake, Susanna, Eddie, and Roland. The influence of the Medieval romantic epic of King Arthur, Watership Down, and good old fashion horror bubble to the surface in the fantasy western. This is an installment of the Wheel of Ka you won’t want to miss, say true! Listen here or on your favorite podcast app.

Episode 4: The Waste Lands, pt. 2

Book Two: Lud, A Heap of Broken Images. Our beloved ka-tet encounter new, strange evils on the Path of the Beam. Traveling through the destroyed city of Lud, they’ll meet Blaine, Gasher, and the Tick-Tock Man— all obstacles on their journey to the Tower. Listen here or on your favorite podcast app.

Episode 5: Wizard and Glass, pt. 1

Parts One and Two of Wizard and Glass. We’ll flash back to a time before the world moved on. We’ll meet Susan Delgado and uncover a menacing conspiracy. We’ll encounter the witch Rhea and her mysterious piece of glass. Listen on your favorite podcast app.

Episode 6: Wizard and Glass, pt. 2

The back half of Book Four, Wizard and Glass. We’ll watch the love between Roland and Susan Delgado unfold, learn about the mysterious thinny, and watch our favorite Gunslinger emerge as Arthur Eld reborn. Listen everywhere.

Episode 7: The Wind through the Keyhole

Nearly a decade after Stephen King concluded the Dark Tower, he went back to Roland and his Ka-Tet and wrote The Wind Through the Keyhole. Chronologically, the book takes place in between Dark Tower books 4 and 5, where Roland finds himself and his band of travelers taking shelter amid the dangerous freezing storm called the Starkblast. Listen everywhere.

Episode 8: Wolves of the Calla, pt. 1

Once a generation, the Wolves come on top of grey horses in green hoods and cloaks, stealing one of every twin born in the Calla. The twins return “runt” with their minds hollowed and their bodies growing to unnatural size. Who, if not our heroes, can stand to save the poor children and lead the good and true Calla folk from their peril? Listen everywhere.

Why read The Dark Tower?

Stephen King is having a renaissance. From the smash hit adaptation of It, with its second cinematic chapter due later this year to the upcoming remake of Pet Sematary and the TV series Castle Rock, set in his extended universe (not to mention his influence on Netflix’s Stranger Things), King is still the king. Though The Dark Tower saw a poorly-received film adaptation in 2017, a limited television series is in the works at Amazon.

The Dark Tower series famously intersects with much of King’s other work, such as Salem’s Lot and The Stand, and the writing of the series spans throughout his prolific career. Getting a handle on The Dark Tower means understanding the author better than anyone, picking up on countless Easter eggs and references in his most popular stories, and discovering a story universe that contains multitudes.

The series follows the last Gunslinger, Roland Deschain, on a journey across the post-apocalyptic waste land of Mid-World. In the distance is the Dark Tower, the nexus of all things. In his way stand witches, a Man in Black, a psychotic train, and more. Filled with complex, endearing characters, moral ambiguity, and mysterious magic, The Dark Tower brings together high fantasy and the Western in a unique reading experience. Join our book club/ka-tet to uncover the secrets of the tower.

Ka was like a wheel, its one purpose to turn, and in the end it always came back to the place where it had started.
— Stephen King, The Waste Lands

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