Episode 17: This Is The Girl

If you’re easing back into the world of “Twin Peaks” like we are, you’re ripe for a discussion of David Lynch’s 2001 masterpiece, “Mulholland Drive.” You might not realize just how much the two have in common. Spoilers abound as we take a trip down a lost highway, exploring some of Lynch’s major artistic themes and motifs as he develops as a filmmaker. Using Lynch as our blueprint, we make a case for the universal artist as an evolving thing, a person who wrestles with themes over time, allowing those themes to mature. Like our buddy Shakespeare.

Episode 16: The Memory Game

Man, it sure feels good when movies and tv remind me of my youth. What’s that called again? Nostalgia. Listen as Derek and Laurel deconstruct nostalgia as a story mechanic. To uncover how it can be utilized effectively, Derek and Laurel focus on the Netflix original series, Stranger Things and look at episode 5, The Flea and the Acrobat. We also explore the weaponization of nostalgia, which can be a manipulative tool in storytelling and in politics. Watch out for Midnight Myth boomerangs, because this episode will having you flying past the moon with lovable creatures in your bike basket before you know it!

Episode 10: Punk Rock Justice

Derek and Laurel are back at it again, inspired by the FX series “The People vs OJ Simpson.” They contextualize justice as a story, one that evolves through time and cultural relativity. Beginning in Ancient Greece, where mythology and justice merged as one, Derek and Laurel follow the thread to Marvel Studio’s Captain America: Civil War. All topics are on the table, and stories that wrestle with justice are tackled head on. If you like what you hear, check out the blog at www.midnightmyth.com/blog