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The Midnight Myth Mission

We at the Midnight Myth believe stories are the closest humanity can come to magic. In this endeavor, we commit to using critical thinking and reason as the mechanism to understand the magic of storytelling. We will always optimistically search our stories for their intrinsic and inner value and never simply to find their faults. We respect and seek out diverse opinions, backgrounds, and orientations, reaffirming our commitment to universal human rights through the exploration of the stories we choose to tell.


About the Podcast

The Midnight Myth Podcast is a passion project of Derek Jones and Laurel Hostak, two creative professionals in Philadelphia, PA. Inspired by their love of television, film, and nerd culture, Derek and Laurel explore the universal themes and historical, political, and artistic implications of our favorite stories. From the Marvel Universe to Buffy the Vampire Slayer, from Star Wars to Harry Potter, we'll find the reasons these great tales continue to inspire.

We like to think of ourselves as storytelling anthropologists tracing the evolution of myth, legend, and fairy tale across cultures and timelines. We try to understand the question philosophers, theologians, and everyday folks have for millennia—what does it mean to be human? And we do so by investigating the most uniquely human act: the telling of stories.

But the conversation doesn't begin or end with the podcast. Get connected with us on social media to ask questions, challenge our interpretations, or suggest your favorite stories for deconstruction. Check us out on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook.


About your hosts


Derek Jones is a history buff, drummer, technology enthusiast, who loves a good discussion.

Laurel Hostak is a writer and theatre artist with an unhealthy obsession with Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Harry Potter. In her free time, you'll find her cooking up homemade hot sauce or instagramming her cats.

Derek and Laurel are married. To each other.

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Labor D(el)ay! 8.31.18

As we squeeze the last days of summer for all they're worth, the next episode of the Midnight Myth will be up a day late, but not a dollar short. Refresh your feeds on Monday night for a fresh ep to send you soaring into Fall.

We're going on vacation! 6.29.2017

Dear listeners, get your binge on, but be prepared for us to take a quick break from publishing. We'll be traveling through Europe from 7.17-7.28 and won't be able to get to the mic for 1-2 weeks! However, despite briefly depriving your ears and minds, we'll be back in early August with new stories from all over the world.

Now available on Stitcher! 3.6.2017

After a few weeks of exclusive, iOS-only distribution, we're thrilled to now be available on Stitcher (Radio on Demand). Now anyone can listen on any device--Android users included. We're looking forward to getting out there for more people, and in the process of publishing on Google Play as well. If you're a fan, let your friends know, and wherever you get your podcasts, don't forget to rate us!

We're launching! 01.21.2017

It's here-- we're launching the first episode of the Midnight Myth, entitled Villainy. We'll ruminate on the nature of evil, the redemption arc, and the power of perspective. Listen to us try not to talk about Darth Vader for an hour. Available for download now on iTunes


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