Midnight Myth Time Machine | Episode 16: The Memory Game | Stranger Things & the Science of Nostalgia

Welcome to the Midnight Myth Time Machine! This episode was originally published in 2017.

Man, it sure feels good when movies and tv remind me of my youth. What’s that called again? Nostalgia. Listen as Derek and Laurel deconstruct nostalgia as a story mechanic. To uncover how it can be utilized effectively, Derek and Laurel focus on the Netflix original series, Stranger Things and look at episode 5, The Flea and the Acrobat. We also explore the weaponization of nostalgia, which can be a manipulative tool in storytelling and in politics. Watch out for Midnight Myth boomerangs, because this episode will having you flying past the moon with lovable creatures in your bike basket before you know it!

Midnight Myth Time Machine | Episode 15: The Holy Grail and Other MacGuffins

The Ancient, Medieval, and Modern world collide as we start with the Holy Grail, what it was, why it mattered, and end up talking about Indian Jones. We explore how the west fetishized relics and the political implications of museums. We also dive into the concept of a MacGuffin— objects in a story that seem to matter but only serve to get the characters from one phase of a story to another.

Midnight Myth Time Machine | Episode 14: Cha-Ching

Do you know what’s better than watching the Incredible Hulk smash aliens and robots? Listening to Derek and Laurel talk about it! Seriously, we talk about the emergence of the comic book movie genre, in all of its glory, splendor, wonder, and pitfalls. We discuss the point where art meets commercialism, and how the influence of big capitalist money alters the direction of art. To achieve this, we take a time machine and travel back to the Middle Ages, The Renaissance, and Victorian England. We attempt to understand modern artistic decisions through the prism of Medieval Patronage, and how this applies to our (well at least’s Derek’s) favorite movie (film if you went to film school) genre, the comic book— as well as Hollywood at large, the nonprofit arts sector, and politics today. Buckle up.

Midnight Myth Time Machine | Episode 13: The Clock Is Broken | Doctor Who, Mythology & Thermodynamics

It’s bigger on the inside… What is? The TARDIS! By that, we mean Time And Relative Dimension In Space. Ya know, the blue box that the Doctor travels in? If you haven’t figured it out yet, this episode introduces Derek & Laurel’s analysis of Doctor Who. We zoom in on Series 2 ,Episode 5 (of the David Tennant era) “The Girl In The Fireplace”— one of the hidden gems in a legacy of amazing TV sci-fi. This episode traces time’s arrow, thermodynamics and the mythology of Greek demi-gods. Listen as we live, learn, and love with the Doctor and Madame De Pompadour.