Episode 89: Cosmic Frog in a Blue Box

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Listen on Apple Podcasts.

New Year, New Doctor! Derek and Laurel are here to explore some of the most consistent themes and arcs of season 11 of the BBC’s Doctor Who (and to celebrate the joyous spirit that is Jodie Whitaker’s Doctor!) Spoilers abound for the latest season, but we’ll focus most closely on two episodes: Demons of the Punjab and It Takes You Away to understand the poignant and powerful motifs of new show runner Chris Chibnall’s Doctor Who debut. Enlightenment religious theory, postwar colonial Indian history, and sonic screwdrivers await.

Episode 13: The Clock Is Broken

It’s bigger on the inside… What is? The TARDIS! By that, we mean Time And Relative Dimension In Space. Ya know, the blue box that the Doctor travels in? If you haven’t figured it out yet, this episode introduces Derek & Laurel’s analysis of Doctor Who. We zoom in on Series 2 ,Episode 5 (of the David Tennant era) “The Girl In The Fireplace”— one of the hidden gems in a legacy of amazing TV sci-fi. This episode traces time’s arrow, thermodynamics and the mythology of Greek demi-gods. Listen as we live, learn, and love with the Doctor and Madame De Pompadour.

Episode 11: Don't Disconnect Me, Brah

I am a computer circuit that thinks, therefore, I am? Listen to Derek and Laurel discuss the long science fiction tradition of artificial intelligence, and the history of the fictional robot. Baked into these narratives is the question of human consciousness. Intuitively, we all know we are conscious, right? But how do we define it, and can we create it in our technology? All these questions and more will be (kinda) answered in this week’s podcast, “Don’t Disconnect Me Brah!” Stories explored will include 2001: A Space Odyssey, R.U.R., Asimov’s I, Robot, and others…