Episode 96: You See Me R'hlling

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This podcast is dark and full of spoilers for seasons 1-7 of Game of Thrones! In a new in-depth character study from the universe of A Song of Ice and Fire, Derek and Laurel explore the Red Woman: Melisandre. She made an explosive appearance in season two of the HBO series as the mouthpiece of a mysterious religion, and she whispered in the ears of kings, wielding her strange influence from one land to the next. By turns upholding and deconstructing the ancient archetype of the sorceress, Melisandre’s very nature is enigmatic, making the quest of understanding her a never-ending task. So we look to women of history, mythology, and folklore to grasp her inner workings, and to the faith to which she so keenly clings to imagine her deepest motivations.


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Episode 12: Zoo Me

So don’t you hate it when you just want to eat some pie with your grandma and a giant wolf jerk eats you? Yeah, it’s the worst. Join us as we talk about anthropomorphic animals from ancient fables to fairy tales to modernity. We talk about the boy who cried “WOOOOOOOLF,” Red Riding Hood and Disney’s Zootopia, and ask ourselves why these stories endure—and what they can teach us along the way.