Episode 18: Woman Inherits The Earth

Sloths are cute. I mean, they are really really cute. Do yourself a favor, and google cute sloth videos. This brings us to this weeks episode where the 90s classic “Jurassic Park” is discussed. We are re-imagining the blockbuster classic as an intellectual treatise on the role humanity has on biological systems, as we grapple with manmade climate change. Derek & Laurel trace the evolution of the age-old conflict between man and nature, exploring Jurassic Park’s modern man vs. nature narrative (and its parallels to Mary Shelley’s classic story, Frankenstein). The debate is palpable, and reminds us of the many false actors in today’s turbulent climate change discourse. But don’t let it bum you out, cause there will always be sloths on the internet. At least, I hope.

Episode 9A: Spears Shall Be Shaken

And given unto Derek and Laurel was a podcast of power, forged in the concrete of South Philadelphia, and in it, they poured their nerdiness, love of mythology and story telling! Listen this week as we scratch the surface of JRR Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings, as we examine the structure, history, and lore behind the modern world’s most famous fantasy series. We take time to look at where Wizards are from, and why Dwarfs are the conservatives of Middle Earth. We talk about how the Elves came to being, and the cyclical nature of good vs evil. We also take a look at the villains of Middle Earth and the corruptive influence of Sauron’s lidless burning eye. If you like journeying to a magical realm where anything is possible, then listen, enjoy, and tell a friend!

Episode 8: Destiny's Child

Ever wonder if your choices are your own or if you are caught in the web of destiny? Listen to Derek and Laurel break down stories that deal with prophecy, fate, and free will and the evolution of narrative relationships to fate. We look at Oedipus in the ancient world, Macbeth in the Renaissance, and the Boy Who Lived in the modern day—all grappling with their own choices and the cruel hand of fate. Enjoy this episode, and don’t forget to play along with the game at the end!

Episode 6: Rebel Rebel

In these turbulent times, we all may be feeling the need to resist. But why does resistance and rebellion resonate with us Americans? Listen as Derek and Laurel talk about stories of resistance and rebellion. We dig deep into the universal American narrative of the underdog and relate it to the American Revolution. Stories such as Star Wars, Hunger Games, Hamilton and Les Miserables are on the table and discussed with Midnight Myth humor, rigor, and grace.

Episode 3: Detected

How did you know episode 3 of the Midnight Myth would be great? Elementary, my dear listeners. Derek and Laurel talk about the detective archetype in storytelling as they break down the world's most famous detective, Sherlock Holmes. We also talk about the latest season in the BBC smash hit show Sherlock. You do not know want to miss the clues to understanding why detectives are part of the quest for the perfect story!