Episode 19: Don't Break The Rules

Ya know, there are rules to this. All of this. You can’t just go around doing what you want, saying what you want, podcasting what you want. Rules. Well, listen as Derek and Laurel debate the battle tactics of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Then, a discussion of how magical systems in story telling relate to the world of American politics. Listen, enjoy, and don’t forget to play along.

Episode 8: Destiny's Child

Ever wonder if your choices are your own or if you are caught in the web of destiny? Listen to Derek and Laurel break down stories that deal with prophecy, fate, and free will and the evolution of narrative relationships to fate. We look at Oedipus in the ancient world, Macbeth in the Renaissance, and the Boy Who Lived in the modern day—all grappling with their own choices and the cruel hand of fate. Enjoy this episode, and don’t forget to play along with the game at the end!